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About Panphos

2022 was the first year of operation for Panphos, which was founded by two partners each with over ten years experience in Solar Energy.   Panphos has no ownership links with any supplier of equipment , and derives its revenues exclusively from the service it offers to operators of buildings who install solar rooftops.    Panphos has a privileged relationship with an established solar installer, Kunini Co. Ltd., and a major international supplier of inspection services, Clean Energy Associates (part of the Intertek group).

The partners started with residential rooftops – which are still offered through an associate company — and moved up in scale.   Photos of residential rooftops (one photo max) and Jasper’s factory (one photo)

The company’s Panphos means “Pan” as in panacea, or a cure for everything, and “Phos” as used in photo voltaic, meaning (sun)light.

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