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The Care And Professionalism Of Our Services

Our turnkey service, from design of your solar rooftop to construction and on to regular maintenance, is the principal service, and is described first.   It is followed by an outline of other services we can offer.


STEP 1: Initial Consultation

A simple, free-of-charge conversation to determine if a Solar Rooftop is right for you. We will ask for approximate, elementary details like the size of your electricity bill, available space on your roof, and location of your building(s), and your ideal timetable for installation of your solar rooftop. If a Solar Rooftop looks like  a good option for you, we may ask you to send us various documentation so we can review with our team before the next step, the free-of-charge Solar Survey.  Let us guide you along the process and help you make the right decision.

STEP 2: Site Survey

After the initial consultation, the next step is the Solar Survey which Panphos offers at no charge. During this stage, we need to determine the ideal size of your solar rooftop and see if you have enough space to install it. Again, this is free-of-charge, and is the natural follow-up to the initial consultation, if the chance of major savings from solar energy is realistic:  a visit to your site to collect and/or verify data we will needed to prepare a detailed presentation and offer. Here, we will also ask if you have a need for external finance or will self-finance your project.

STEP 3: Follow-Up Consultation

After reviewing the data from our site visit, we will arrange a call to request any additional data such as roof plans, electrical plans, and electricity bills. We will also request information any additional documentation that seems to need verification or amplification, to ensure that our offer to you can be completely professional and detailed.

STEP 4: Detailed Project Plan

At this stage, another site visit may be necessary. Our second visit to your site may be required so that we can verify our design and project scope along with our BOM. Accuracy is very important, there are a lot of details and attention to detail is key to the final design. The proposed solar rooftop should be tailored to your needs and exceed expectations.

Panphos can complete detailed project planning for any sized solar rooftop, whether it’s just a service or part of an overall proposal to a customer. Panphos can also be contracted as an independent consultant to review any bids or offers presented to the customer.

STEP 5: System Design & Quotation Proposal

The system design and quotation for system design and contractual frame contains enough detail to let you decide whether to go further.  It will include details of monthly savings, target timetable for startup, an outline of the design specifications, costs, and suggestions on how to meet any needs for external finance that you have identified.  Guarantees offered by Panphos and our suppliers will be explained in detail.

STEP 6: Presentation on Site

Your first decision-point.  We will present the proposal to you face-to-face, answer any questions you may have, and leave you time to take your decision on whether to go further.  If you decide to go ahead, we will prepare a detailed contract for signature and a timeframe to COD of the project.

STEP 7: Permits & Approvals

Panphos will take care of all permits and permissions for any projects it undertakes. We have the experience and know-how to take care of the numerous permits required for solar rooftops from various government agencies. Authorization will be required at various stages from inception to commissioning and may include a mandatory environmental impact assessment (EIA). Panphos will start the application process at this stage.  Your staff may need to provide information, and we will need signatures and approvals from you, but you can safely leave the licensing and approvals to us.

STEP 8: Construction Phase

Solar Plant Construction – Panphos offers a turnkey solution for solar rooftops. This includes the construction of the plant: solar PV array, wire trays and cabling, electrical connections, electrical modifications, grid connection etc. Again, leave this to us! Of course, we work to the highest standards of safety, including safety of workers and property. Our experienced engineers will be in daily contact with the owner’s representative or site engineer to ensure that the project moves smoothly and as per the project timeline to COD.

STEP 9: Testing & Commissioning

Panphos offers complete testing and commissioning for any solar rooftop it constructs; we can also offer this service as an independent contractor for plans not constructed by us. This may include not only our own tests but also mandatory inspections by the electricity utility and, if you wish, third-party inspection of the installation can be arranged. Details of any optional third-party inspections will have been explained to you during the initial consultation.

STEP 10: Handover

After completion of construction and rigorous commissioning and testing, ownership of the installation passes to you. But that’s not the end of our involvement! Now the Solar O&M phase starts.

STEP 11: Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

Panphos can offer solar operations and management contracts for any solar rooftop. Once contracts expire, it's important to maintain your solar rooftop; apart from regular solar panel cleaning, managing the plant is equally important to ensure that the system operates to its expectation.

The good news:  apart from routine cleaning, major maintenance is rarely required, and your solar panels are expected to last for at least 20 years.  But we remain here to help you with scheduled preventive maintenance (for example, routine replacement of the inverter after 8 – 10 years), and also for any unexpected needs.  Our role will have been explained to you before your first decision-point (Step 6 above).

Do you already own a Solar Rooftop and are looking for a company to take on the O&M Contract? Panphos can be contracted to carry out this service, Contact us for information.


And that’s not all.  Panphos also offers consulting services for parts of the process 

For example

  • Panphos can propose design parameters and provide a bill of materials for a solar rooftop for clients who plan to obtain competitive bids for the installation.
  • We can troubleshoot for clients who already have a solar installation and have identified weaknesses or problems with its operation.  Although the basic technology is sound and proven, installation problems do occur, and installers may cease operations.
  • We can advise private investors seeking to invest in decentralised renewable energy and can match them with interested companies who do not wish to use their own corporate capital resources to produce electricity.  Here also, we offer a one-stop service including checks of creditworthiness, design and construction of the solar equipment, independent verification of the installation, and supervision of operations.  Investor clients receive regular payments on the capital supplied, and percentage returns are excellent.