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ServicesInvestment opportunities in the renewable sector 

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Panphos drives business savings with creative solar solutions 

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The two founding partners each have over ten years of experience in Solar Energy.

The company’s Panphos means “Pan” as in panacea, or a cure for everything, and “Phos” as used in photo voltaic, meaning (sun)light.



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Panphos offers a complete one-stop service to commercial and industrial clients wishing to use solar rooftops to reduce energy costs or to meet the increasing pressure from large corporate buyers to use renewable energy.   This turnkey service includes any or all of design, construction, permits, operation and financing.  The common feature is that the offtaker buys electricity from the solar rooftop, at a discount from the utility price, through a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), thus minimising capital outlay.  PPAs are widely used internationally to enable purchases by organisations for whom electricity generation is not a core business, but who are attracted by the improving economics (= lower electricity prices) and environmental benefits.  The costs of solar electricity generation are now low enough to make that feasible.  Beyond that central feature, each deal is different, and each project is designed with flexibility, in partnership with


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