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Finance Options

How will you finance your investment in solar panels?  There are several options, ranging from paying it out of your capital budget to a zero down payment followed by purchases of electricity through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).  Our aim is to give impartial, informed advice on the best option for each business client.

We offer four basic schemes which can be individually tailored:

  • Full, upfront purchase, with no external finance
  • Long-term Power purchase agreement (PPA), with most or all of the capital cost from outside
  • 10-year lease with option to acquire full ownership at end.  Again, capital cost to you is nominal.
  • Mixture of down payment and bank finance

All our schemes   offer the same performance guarantees, and protection against future increases in electricity prices.   While some suppliers offer only one or two of these four options, we will advise you on the best option for you, and help you navigate through the minefield.  If outside finance is sought, we can help you obtain that.  Each option you wish to analyse will be presented to you, with the monthly costs, the savings on your electricity bills, and the percentage return, with complete transparency.  You remain the decider throughout.