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Some representative examples of rooftop installations we have completed 

ELF – Bangkok Factory
Inverters Growatt 40000TL3-NS 4 units (160kW), Growatt Smart Energy Manager to control zero export and monitor the PV Plant. Solar Panels are Jinko Eagle 335Wp Poly, 592 modules were installed, totaling 198,320Wp. Lock Solar mounting was used for the metal sheet profile. For...
Toyota Showroom Don Muang
Inverters Sungrow SG60KTL 3 units (180kW), Sungrow Smart Energy Manager for zero export control and system monitoring the PV Plant. Solar panels are Jinko JKM 325Wp Poly, 554 modules were installed totaling 180,050Wp. Chiko Solar mounting was used for the metal sheet profile....
Solar Inverter is a GoodWe GW60KN-MT unit with a GoodWe Smart Meter for zero export control and monitoring. This installation was originally around 30kWp, then upgraded to 77.8kWp in 2022. Solar panels are a mixture of Risen Energy 370Wp mono (original installation) and...
projects - phillip
Philippe C – Business – Far East Technical (Bangkok).
SMA STP 25000TL-TriPower Solar Inverter + SMA Sunny Home Manager to control zero export and monitoring. We installed 60 Longi 450Wp Mono Solar Panels (30.6kWp). The roof was metal sheet, so we used Lock Solar mounting structure designed for this type of roof....
Jurassic Fishing Resort
Solar inverters Huawei SUN2000-30KTL-M3 x 2 units, Huawei Smart Logger for zero export control and system monitoring. Solar panels are mixed as this is a system overhaul and upgrade. Leapton Solar 540Wp and Seraphim 415Wp, the total number of modules installed is 146, totaling...