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How solar energy reduces electricity bills

Energy from the sun is free, once you have the equipment to convert it to electricity.  Solar panels are the heart of that equipment, as shown in this diagram:

The free electricity provides the payback on the investment in solar panels and the ancillary equipment.    Of course many panels are required to provide the power needed by a building (panels like those in the photo might produce 500W, not more).   But the cost of solar panels has reduced throughout the 21st century by around 20% each time that the cumulative volume of production doubles, and prices have declined by 80% or more since 2000.  Renewable fuels now produce power at lower cost than any other fuel (see graph).   And finance is becoming available at monthly payment rates lower than the monthly savings in electricity bills.

But what about night-time, when the sun doesn’t shine?  Well, solar panels can pay for themselves even if they are only used in the daytime, but batteries offer a solution for night-time use for those who really want to make their building independent of the utility;  batteries can store daytime electricity for use at night or when the sun isn’t shining, and their costs are declining rapidly.

Before you decide, Panphos will calculate what all this means for your budgeting, without obligation.  Factors that affect the individual calculations include the percentage of your electricity bill that comes from daytime use;  the amount of roof space available; whether your building is used 5, 6, or 7 days per week, and whether the building has any shutdowns during the year, and the percentage of finance that you need.

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