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Thailand tanker

The dangers of climate change to Thailand

Source: Bangkok Post

Extract of article posted by: Bernd Lange is Member of the European Parliament and Chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on International Trade,

Thailand, a nation alive with vibrant democracy and rapid development, leaves an unforgettable impression on all who visit, so I have heard and am keen to witness myself. The rich flavours of its cuisine, from the heat of a spicy curry to the sweetness of mango sticky rice, mirror the country’s dynamic cultural fabric. But underlying these culinary delights is a fundamental truth: quality is paramount. And for quality, sustainable practices in plantation, agriculture and fisheries are indispensable. Sustainability is crucial to protect the livelihood of people.

The Thai government’s reinforced commitment to leading Asean in achieving net-zero emissions is a bold and necessary move. Despite currently lagging behind some regional peers, I am confident that with the right policies, and the right trading partner, Thailand will advance its position. This is not a mere aspiration; it is a pressing need. With 146 extreme weather events in the last two decades and Bangkok’s vulnerability to rising sea levels, the impact of climate change is stark and immediate for the people of Thailand

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