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Author: Raymond Schonfield

Wood McKensie

The bright future of renewable energy

Source: Wood McKenzie December 2023 China is the world’s solar module powerhouse. Its domestic solar capacity additions this year will be more than double those of the US and EU combined, while its phenomenal cost advantage means it commands more than 80% of…

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Thailand tanker

The dangers of climate change to Thailand

Source: Bangkok Post Extract of article posted by: Bernd Lange is Member of the European Parliament and Chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on International Trade, Thailand, a nation alive with vibrant democracy and rapid development, leaves an unforgettable impression on all who…

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China 3 gorges corp

Chinese solar industry supercharged

Solar panels are seen at a power plant co-owned by Longi Green Energy Technology Co and China Three Gorges Corp at Tongchuan in Shaanxi province of China. (Photo: Bloomberg) Source: Bangkok Post China installed more solar panels in 2023 than any other country…

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