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Quality and Experience

Our Quality and Experience

In a solar installation, nothing is more important than quality – quality of the components and quality of the installation.   We are proud of ours, and our quality is backed by over 10 years of experience in installing solar rooftops. 

Start with the solar panels, where we use exclusively panels from Tier 1 suppliers.  Tier 1 is the top classification in an internationally used ranking system.   The same goes for our inverters, which are a critical component used in converting the electricity to power that can be used in a building. 


Standards are the bedrock of our quality and our experience. Again, all our solar panels are certified to IEC standards, and independent fire safety standards are applied throughout the installation (see diagram).  It is very rare for a solar installation to present a fire risk, but we believe in that extra level of security.

[Illustration:  on fire safety standards, consider mentioning also standards for batteries UL 1973, UL 9540A, UL 1642 and UL 2054 for Li-ion batteries – and the list goes on]

Categories to be covered:

Electrical Safety training.   Annual training in Kunini

Should ISO 9000 be compulsory for our network

Fire safety

Electrical performance

Electric shock

Connectivity to grid and reliability.

What standards for fasteners – ASTM?

Installation delicacy of handiwork

Where is there a diagram of a solar rooftop that allows all these to be pinpointed

Automatic failure detection.

If you use a bank loan (see our section on finance)  or other external finance  and the lender insists on independent verification of the quality and durability of our PV systems, we can provide that, through an agreement with one of the leading global testing and inspection organisations.   

Our staff also undergo rigorous training and testing.  Did you know that most defects in solar equipment are due to poor handling procedures during the process of installation?   So we use installation staff who undergo testing for knowledge before hiring, and the training continues.  We use the services of Kunini [full, current name] to ensure the maintenance of the highest quality.